OCPhA would like to invite you to join us in the Billion Steps Challenge, and it will be a fun and easy way to promote good health and physical activity among our community! The American Public Health Association is holding this event, and the goal is to collectively reach 1 billion steps by National Public Health Week on the first week of April (by April 7th)! As of right now, we are currently at 950+ million steps so we are almost there! We hope you will join us!
To join the challenge:
1. Download the MoveSpring App on your phone (available at Google Play or in the App Store)
2. Create an account and connect your device (Apple watch, Fitbit, Apple Health App, manual entry through secondary apps, etc). Be sure to allow MoveSpring to access your activity data!
2. Enter “APHA2019” as the organization code for APHA’s Billion Steps Challenge
3. Join an existing team, or create a new team. For OCPhA, search for “OCPhA Steps Up“. If you are from another pharmacist organization, please have a representative create a team and join that team!
4. Select the [+] sign to the right of the team name to join that team. You can only be part of one team! You can switch teams, but you may not be able to rejoin a team if you leave.
If you have any questions or issues with joining the challenge, please feel free to contact Maureen Kim at maukim@llu.edu. Thank you for your time and participation!