63. From Active Duty to Resident Pharmacist feat. Dr. Arjay Mendoza

In today’s insightful OCPhA episode, Dr. Mary Ngo engages in a compelling interview with Dr. Arjay Mendoza, shedding light on his remarkable career journey. Dr. Mendoza’s path from active duty to pharmacy school and his subsequent role as a pharmacy resident is an inspiring tale of dedication and determination. This episode offers valuable insights into:

  • Dr. Mendoza’s Transition: Explore how he made the transition from active duty service to pursuing a career in pharmacy.
  • Academic Pursuits: Learn about his educational journey, including his experiences in pharmacy school and how they shaped his aspirations.
  • Pharmacy Residency: Gain insights into the challenges and rewards of becoming a pharmacy resident and the impact it has on his professional growth.

To reach out to Dr. Mendoza, you can visit his LInkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/arjay-edlex-mendoza-pharmd-8b984a283/

Tune in to this episode to discover the unique career trajectory of Dr. Arjay Mendoza, a story that highlights the versatility and opportunities within the field of pharmacy.

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