36. CPhA’s Digital Health Conference DHX 2020 feat. Dr. Risa Vatanka

The technology is available, so let’s use it to design pharmacy’s future together!

On today’s episode, we speak with DHX Virtual Chair, Dr. Risa Vatanka, about how digital health and technologies have been exponentially catalyzed during the pandemic. In addition, much more of this discussion will be continued during the upcoming DHX Virtual conference where over 45 speakers will be present.

The DHX Virtual 2020 conference will be held on October 2-4, 2020. You’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Network and Discover
  • Learn and Engage
  • Tour the Digital Health Virtual Exhibits

The conference will be using the Hopin platform that will promote a networking-focused experience that promotes collaboration and discussion.

Tony Dao, host of the Pharmacy, IT, & Me and the OCPhA podcast and co-founder of Pharmacy Informatics Academy will also be participating with the “Pharmacists Paving New Paths” section of the conference.

To find out more about DHX Virtual 2020, visit https://digitalhealthcpha.com/dhx-virtual/

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